DeepTarget to Honor University Credit Union for Outstanding Results

May 17, 2017

Digital Marketing Award to be presented at the 2017 Annual Maine Credit Union League Meeting & Convention

MADISON, AL – May 17, 2017 ─ Digital marketing is emerging as a key technology to attract customers and grow revenue across multiple industries. Within Financial Services, credit unions and banks often struggle with integrating digital into their overall marketing strategy, and with generating relevant, targeted messaging to individual account holders. However, increasingly DeepTarget’s clients are demonstrating outstanding results with deploying their seamless digital marketing platform. With it, financial institutions are able to engage customers in seamless communications with intelligently targeted product offers in online and mobile banking, web and email marketing.

For example, at University Credit Union (UCU), their digital marketing initiative utilizing the DeepTarget solution has generated extraordinary results. Within a period of just 30 days, UCU’s online and mobile banking ads generated 541 clicks and resulted in 76 sales transactions. The credit union is the recipient of DeepTarget’s Marketing SuperSTAR Award, which will be presented at the 2017 Annual Maine Credit Union League Meeting & Convention to be held on May 19-20 in Portland.

“We rolled out mobile application ads in January and are so excited with the results that our campaigns have achieved thus far. This has been a really successful initiative for us,” said Matt Walsh, President/CEO of UCU. “We look forward to launching other creative campaigns. DeepTarget solutions have been easy to use, and easy to measure.”

Consistent and targeted messaging have been key elements of UCU’s marketing efforts. Members see the same ads on both mobile and online platforms. In addition, DeepTarget automatically sends an email to a member when they click on a banner ad. “We implemented DeepTarget’s Click-to-Email feature, and present the same look and feel in the emails as seen in the ads,” Walsh said. “That way, if a member clicks on an auto ad, they’re going to get an email with that same image in it, which helps connect the dots as to why they’re receiving that message.”

About University Credit Union
Established on the University of Maine campus in 1967, University Credit Union is an innovative, full-service financial institution with a mission to actively advance the financial well-being of our members in every stage of their lives. UCU is the sixth largest credit union in Maine in terms of total assets and the third largest in terms of total members. UCU has nine retail locations across the state serving the University of Maine System students, employees, and alumni and their families primarily. Branches are located in Orono, Bangor, Farmington, Gorham, Portland, and Presque Isle. For more information visit

About DeepTarget Inc.
DeepTarget helps more than 225 financial institutions accelerate cross-selling – increasing loan demand, promoting product adoption and supporting informed decisions by marketers through better analytics and metrics. Our goal is to help banks and credit unions engage the banking customer in a seamless communications experience by providing focused advice and targeted product and service offers through channels such as online banking, mobile banking, web, and email; future channels for these innovations include social media, ATMs and tellers. Ultimately, DeepTarget’s goal is to help our financial institution clients boost their customer engagement and income. You can visit the DeepTarget website here.

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