GROWTH as a Service (GRaaS)

We work with credit unions and banks to enable the growth of:

✓ Assets: Deposits and/or Loans
✓ Revenue
✓ New Members / Customers
✓ Digital Users
✓ Account Holder Relationships & Loyalty
✓ # of Accounts per Account Holder
✓ Overall Profitability

And we guarantee the results.

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We Teach Financial Institutions How To Retain Banking Consumers and Grow Profitably

At DeepTarget, we believe deeply that every financial institution should understand and treat consumers personally - as unique individuals, rather than as a mass market.

Every one of your members/customers is going to be ripe for a product at some point in time. When that time comes, either they will get it from your financial institution… or they will get it from someone else.

Learning Leads To Loyalty – We teach financial institutions of all sizes how to create a multi-channel personalized digital experience and engagement process resulting in a 5X return on investment.

GRow Your Revenue

GROWTH as a Service (GRaaS) for Optimal Results

When you don't have the time, staff, resources, or data scientists to cross-sell to your customer base effectively, we do it for you. And the best part is that this comes with a risk-free money back guarantee!

  • Our patented digital experience platform is proven, repeatable, and reportable.
  • With comprehensive managed services in an already resource-strapped environment, our customer success consultants become an extension of your team.
  • Using deep expertise and best practices they will manage the entire consumer engagement and cross-selling lifecycle for you.
  • What you receive: guaranteed, successful results in board-ready reports.
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Sales Results You Want, Simplicity You Need

DeepTarget's patented solutions have simplified digital engagement and cross-selling for amazing results! Our AI and automation-based platform can personalize and target specific ads to relevant users, all with just a few clicks.

Many banks and credit unions boost their loans, revenue, and member base through our personalized financial education technology approach with ROI regularly 5x their investment!

Increase Your Sales
“Over the years, DeepTarget has helped us communicate the right message to the right members numerous times!

The DeepTarget platform has been valuable for notifying our members of various new and existing products and other important information.”
Adam Stevens
Eglin Federal Credit Union
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It's So Easy, You Can Try It For Yourself!

Sometimes, seeing is believing! You will receive a personalized preview, customized and emailed directly to you so you can witness the magic for yourself!

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GROWTH as a Service (GRaaS) in the Digital Age

  • Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
    DeepTarget's patented, proven engagement and cross-selling platform that easily integrates across all digital channels.
  • 3D Story
    A transformative user experience that turns raw data into engaging and personalized financial stories unique to each customer.
  • Online Banking
    Using valuable digital real estate in your online banking to power customer engagement and enable cross-selling.
  • Mobile Banking
    Increase customer retention and grow revenue when you engage and cross-sell within mobile banking.
  • DXP Managed Services
    Unlock our highest level of expertise and superb outcomes when you outsource the entire digital marketing lifecycle.
  • 3D Story On The Go
    Power up your email, SMS, and social media marketing with personalized 3D stories that are immersive and adaptive.
  • Email Marketing
    Deliver personalized, targeted banners in your email marketing campaigns effortlessly.
  • Web Marketing
    Put your website to work by connecting and engaging visitors with branding and promotional product ads.

Some of the 200+ Financial Institutions Using DeepTarget:

GRaaS deploys patented technology including DXP & 3D Story On The Go

We know GROWTH as a Service (GRaaS) works because decision-making is a process; it begins with emotional engagement, which leads to consumer action based on excitement, need, and availability.

Using data and AI powered insights we deliver personalized financial education messaging to banking consumers with a high probability of interest in your financial solutions.

When combined with an emotional appeal, it encourages them to act. Your entire financial education story can be compelling, automated, and delivered digitally through multiple channels.

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