Our Team

Meet the people at DeepTarget – the innovators, designers, creators, marketers, administrators, implementers, leaders & more – a team with a mission and focus on our clients’ success.

Ahmad Alavi

Software Architect

Akash Pillai

Business Intelligence Analyst

Brenda Thompson Pearce

Director of Marketing

Helen Triplett

Director of Implementation & Support

Ignacio Guerrero

CTO & EVP, Products

Ivor Fredrickson


Jacob Schaefer

Support Engineer and Data Analyst

Jill Homan


Kayla McGee

Implementation & Support Engineer

Krishna Madhuri Paramkusem

Software Engineer

Praveena Kommidi

Technical Account Manager - Customer Success

Preetha Pulusani


Sagar Khashu

Implementation Engineer, Data Analyst

Sandeep Pulusani

Innovation Lead

Sara Alavi

Marketing Specialist

Tom Litwinowicz

Chief Revenue Officer