Our Team

Meet the people at DeepTarget – the innovators, designers, creators, marketers, administrators, implementers, leaders & more – a team with a mission and focus on our clients’ success.

Ahmad Alavi

Software Architect

Akash Pillai

Business Intelligence Analyst

Brenda Thompson Pearce

Director of Marketing

David Kingsbury

Customer Success Programs Director

Helen Triplett

Director of Implementation & Support

Ignacio Guerrero

CTO & EVP, Products

Ivor Fredrickson


Jacob Schaefer

Implementation and Support Engineer

Jill Homan


Kayla McGee

Implementation & Support Engineer

Krishna Madhuri Paramkusem

Software Engineer

Preetha Pulusani


Sagar Khashu

Data Scientist, Customer Success Consultant

Sandeep Pulusani

Innovation Lead

Sara Alavi

Marketing Specialist

Shwetha Herga

Software Engineer

Tom Litwinowicz

Chief Revenue Officer