Intelligent Digital Marketing from DeepTarget Now Available for Jwaala Ignite Digital Banking Platform

September 29, 2017

Integration of DeepTarget’s targeted cross-selling solution is streamlined for Jwaala Ignite to accelerate lead generation and increase revenue

Madison, AL – September 28, 2017 ─ With more than 270 DeepTarget digital marketing solutions in use by U.S. credit unions and banks, DeepTarget today announced the extension of its partnership program with Jwaala. DeepTarget works with industry leading technology and service providers to enable targeted, personalized marketing within digital banking solutions which now includes general availability for Jwaala Ignite Digital Banking customers. To date, DeepTarget and Jwaala have cooperated as Fintech partners providing innovative solutions to credit unions and banks with integrated solutions for 22 mutual customers. With increasing demand for data driven intelligent digital communications, DeepTarget and Jwaala have strengthened their integration with a streamlined implementation process to enable rapid Ignite/DeepTarget integration so that financial institutions can accelerate lead capture and cross-selling.

Earlier this year, DeepTarget honored a mutual customer, University Credit Union (UCU), with a Digital Marketing Award for their outstanding results. Within a period of just 30 days, UCU’s online and mobile banking ads generated 541 clicks and resulted in 76 sales transactions! “We rolled out mobile application ads in January and are so excited with the results that our campaigns have achieved thus far. This has been a really successful initiative for us,” said Matt Walsh, President/CEO of UCU. “We look forward to launching other creative campaigns. DeepTarget solutions have been easy to use, and easy to measure.” Consistent and targeted messaging have been key elements of UCU’s marketing efforts. Members see the same ads on both mobile and online platforms. In addition, DeepTarget automatically sends an email with the same look and feel to a member when they click on a banner ad.

“Delivering an open architecture and a single platform across multiple devices, Jwaala’s Ignite digital banking solution has seen increased adoption by credit unions who want to set themselves apart from the norm. Working with the DeepTarget team to provide an integration to our platforms offers our customers options for their digital marketing”, said Eric Fisher, Director of Sales and Account Management, Jwaala.  “We already have several customers using the integrated solution seeing solid results in cross-sales, lead generation and retention”.

Financial Institutions are experiencing increased revenues resulting from targeted, intelligent messaging which is increasingly viewed as a foundational capability, especially when targeting the millennial generation. Not adopting digital marketing strategies or marketing automation is not an option for financial institutions anymore. According to, targeted advertisements are on average almost twice as effective as non-targeted ads. Asked whether they would rather see online ads for random products and services or ads directed toward their interests, 40.5 percent of respondents to a new survey chose targeted ads, while another 27.6 percent were content to see both. Further, an impressive 60 percent of millennials say they would willingly share their data for tailored promotions.

“DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing platform offers an effective and economical option to provide relevant and necessary targeted communications within online and mobile banking environments. We designed it for easy integration, and are very pleased to expand this with rapid implementation for all customers who have deployed Jwaala’s Ignite Digital Banking solution”, said Jill Homan, President, DeepTarget, “Based on easily available analytics that are a real benefit of DeepTarget’s platform, outcomes show that utilizing targeted offers dramatically increases the relevance of each offer and results in more click-throughs, leads and sales transactions for financial institutions. Relevance equals real results – this is thekey advantage of our solution”.

Across all industries, the adoption of marketing automation is growing at a rapid pace as realization of positive ROI spreads. On average, 51% of companies are using some form of marketing automation although levels of sophistication vary. DeepTarget’s digital marketing platform is tailored specifically for financial institutions, making digital marketing easy to adopt and allowing meaningful, consistent, and targeted messaging across many platforms – online banking, mobile banking, web and email. With rules-based data-driven targeting, DeepTarget automation variables include name, age, gender, location, credit rating, financial info; loans, CDs, and more to generate unique, targeted and personalized offers to members based on their characteristics and needs. DeepTarget provides valuable business analytics and intelligent segmentation, making multi-channel marketing a reality for financial institutions across the country.


About Jwaala

In 2006, we set out to create a digital banking experience that was unlike any other that had come before it. We understood that the solution set that’s right for the credit union across town isn’t necessarily the right solution set for you. Over one hundred credit unions currently trust their digital banking needs to Jwaala. Our proven solutions, backed by our well-seasoned implementation and support teams, are fueling the growth and success of progressive credit unions around the country. Visit the Jwaala website here.

About DeepTarget Inc.

Today, more than 270 DeepTarget digital marketing solutions are in use by credit unions and banks across the country. By automating the use of customer information, these solutions deliver targeted product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to their banking customers through mobile banking, online banking, web and email all the while engaging them in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank. Expertise and technology from DeepTarget with actionable analytics and metrics enables marketing professionals to make informed decisions and drive measurable, positive results. The adoption of these solutions continues its rapid growth by driving success for financial institutions – in accelerating cross-selling, promoting product adoption increasing loan demand and income. To see more proven digital marketing successes, please visit the DeepTarget website.

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