DeepTarget Restructures for Accelerated Growth

May 11, 2017

Madison, AL, May 10, 2017

FinTech company, DeepTarget Inc. today announced a major restructuring to meet the demands of its growing customer base, ensure scalability for rapid expansion, and build a strong foundation for its ambitious 3-year plan. In the age of the customer, banks and credit unions recognize the need to enhance customer engagement through highly targeted and personalized digital messaging. DeepTarget is a growing source of support for accelerating cross-selling, increasing revenue, and driving customer loyalty for financial institutions.  This builds on a keen understanding at DeepTarget that today’s banking customers view digital services as a key driver when deciding where to bank – and that customers and members expect their financial institution to build a relationship with them by engaging them with relevant and targeted online communications.  After adding over 40 new banks and credit unions to the DeepTarget family since this January, DeepTarget is poised for even greater growth during the remainder of 2017.

DeepTarget’s omni-channel marketing solutions mine the wealth of customer information that financial institutions have gathered to enable targeted, highly relevant messages to reach and meet the needs of their customers and members. Its intelligent digital marketing platform automates the use of business intelligence to make it easy for banks to deliver targeted and personalized communications consistently across available digital channels, including mobile banking, online banking, the web, kiosks, and email.

“Today, we are already helping hundreds of financial institutions across the country to accelerate cross-selling, increase loan demand, promote product adoption, and support informed decisions through targeted online conversations and detailed analytics for continuous campaign improvement and effectiveness,” said Preetha Pulusani, founder and CEO of DeepTarget. “We continue to augment the success of our clients through the use of innovative marketing solutions enabling them to have thousands of concurrent conversations with their customers every day. DeepTarget looks forward to even more customer growth and expanded partnerships in 2017.  It is therefore critical that we have the right leadership team in place.”

Jill Homan has been named President of DeepTarget. She had previously served as EVP – Business Development for DeepTarget, and supported the Company transformation over the past year, reshaping it to be completely aligned and successfully focused on customer growth. Jill brings a wealth of experience in Financial Services, sales and partnership management to DeepTarget after holding executive level positions at Mobular Technologies, MessageMedia/DoubleClick and Intergraph Corporation.  Jill holds an engineering degree from University of Alabama.

Supporting Jill in her new role are the following executives:

  • On the business development and sales front, Judith Shaver has joined the team as VP, Channel Development and Sales. She comes to DeepTarget from FIS, the world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies, where she was a Senior Sales Executive responsible promoting capital markets risk and compliance solutions.
  • Ignacio Guerrero brings his wealth of technology and software development expertise to focus on DeepTarget solution development, serving as EVP, Products. He has previously worked in multi-national technology companies as Chief Software Architect and EVP of Product Development.
  • Finally, David Kingsbury has been named VP, Customer Success with a focus on working closely with clients to drive stronger results from their digital marketing initiatives. David brings to this crucial role his rich background in product innovation, marketing, business development and customer engagement from several Fortune 500 software companies.

“Technology giants like Amazon and Google have molded customer expectations for online experiences – and digital banking is no exception.  Banking customers – certainly millennials but not just limited to them – expect their financial institutions to “know” them and to communicate with them in a personal and relevant way.  That’s what we do here at DeepTarget.” Jill Homan said. “We use intelligence and automation to help you get to know your individual customers and to engage with them in a way that resonates. As we add new digital technologies like geo-location based marketing, enhanced engagement techniques, and increased digital channel coverage to our expanding offering, we expect to see our banks and credit unions continue to achieve amazing results.  The bottom line – our banks and credit unions engage more effectively and sell more products when using DeepTarget.   By assembling this rich and diverse set of skills and experiences in our team, we have restructured DeepTarget to execute a business plan that emphasizes customer focus and continued growth.  We are also investing in developing our DeepTarget user community by providing ongoing education and consultation in digital marketing for effective targeting and communications”.

Demonstrations, Pricing, & Availability

DeepTarget helps hundreds of financial institutions increase the number of qualified product leads resulting in increased loan demand and other banking product adoption.  Offering enhanced personalization capabilities, rule-based customer segmentation and targeting, and automated response and tracking tools, DeepTarget powers a banking enterprise with a single digital marketing platform used across channels such as mobile and online banking, email, and web solutions.

DeepTarget for Online Banking (OLB) and Mobile Banking and OmniEngagement Cloud 1 is available for demonstration and purchase by calling DeepTarget at 256-217-4432, emailing, or by calling one of our online banking or service provider partners as seen on our website.  To learn more about our DeepTarget Partner program, email us

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