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Our Mission

DeepTarget’s mission is to continually innovate and extend its distinctive digital marketing technology with the ability to turn knowledge about individuals into deep marketing insight, thereby driving a substantial increase in relevance, effectiveness and returns on any marketing or customer communication.

The company’s focus is on marketing software that utilizes data mining and business intelligence in order to deliver targeted communications across digital media. The core software solution DeepTarget has been engineered over a period of more than five years with a focus on utilizing valuable customer information to easily provide targeted and personalized offers to individuals using online and other media.

The goal of DeepTarget solutions is to help businesses effectively and affordably connect to their customers with personalized and targeted marketing. These solutions support companies in utilizing technology to develop comprehensive targeted marketing strategies that deliver tangible bottom-line results.

Introducing an exciting, new solution for the Financial Services industry!
Easily plugs into campaigns driven by any marketing automation, email, SMS and social media marketing platforms - HubSpot, Twilio, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, ClickSend, Hootsuite and more.​

DeepTarget is proud to work with an array of partners to make our solutions work for clients.
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Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Users
Immersive 3D Visual Experience
Multiple Targeting Methods
Deep Campaign Analytics
Adaptive 1-to-1 Personalization
AI/ML Predictive Campaigns
Influenced Product Sales Report
Management Reports
Rich Content Library
Rapid Setup and Implementation
A/B Testing
Onboarding Campaigns
The Untapped Power of SMS Marketing in Banking
“Text messaging is a highly effective, yet underutilized, Communication strategy that can build engagement with customers and prospects at any stage of the buying journey.

With open and response rates far exceeding any other channel, financial institutions should consider adding SMS to their marketing arsenal”. 

Jim Marous, The Financial Brand
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Bank of America Goes Big with Texting
Bank of America is relying on this type of instant communications as a part of its marketing strategy.

In an interview with Insider Intelligence, David Tyrie, Head of Digital, noted that BofA sends 600 million alerts and notifications to its customers, and that number will grow exponentially.

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Discover how this exciting new solution can deliver captivating offers and messages that compel engagement, trust and sales! Turn boring email and text messages into awesome experiences!

“DeepTarget Has Turned The Access Softek Mobile Banking Product Into a Profit Center.”

— Chris Doner, CEO, Access Softek

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