GROWTHTM as a Service or GRaaSTM

You know how critical digital engagement and cross-selling are in this hypercompetitive world with high consumer expectations.  But it is difficult to know where to start.  Or you know where to start but don’t have adequate resources in an already over-burdened marketing department.

We are here to help.  Not just with the DXP software but with the people who will manage it for you.

Turn up your digital communications a notch (or more!). Benefit from DeepTarget’s DXP Consultants, their deep experience and expertise as well as industry Best Practices that will be put to good use for you.

Outsource your DXP end-t0-end operations to us! And in return, we will deliver you OUTSTANDING RESULTS!  Guaranteed.

Unlocking the highest level of digital communications expertise

  • the conceptualizing, defining and implementing of diverse data-driven campaigns for optimum results
  • branding, product and services promotion, seasonal, onboarding, financial literacy, ect.
  • recurring data updates and use of powerful AI insights
  • constant performance monitoring,
  • lead retrieval and forwarding to FI
  • success and result reporting and
  • detailed success reviews with Board quality reports

What You Get with
Growth as a Service or GRaaS™

Automated FI Data Uploads
Yes (Daily Uploads for Best Results)
Number Of Campaigns
Up to 25
Types Of Campaigns
Informational, Product/Services Promotion, Branding, Literacy, Onboarding, Holiday/Seasonal
Advanced Data Mining & Use of AI
First Name, Other Selective Fields
Graphics & Messaging Content
Yes, including HTML & Video
3D Story Campaigns
Call To Action
External URL, Deeplinking*
System Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Campaign Refresh
Lead Communication
Management Reports
Results Analysis Reports
Success Review Meetings
On The Go Campaign Setup Including Microsites

Here is how your FI will benefit from GROWTH as a ServiceTM or GRaaSTM

  • Frees up staff to focus on core objectives
  • Gets you high quality digital communications expertise
  • Use of most current industry best practices
  • Keeps your cost low
  • The ability to scale up or down if needed
  • Receive support whenever you need it
  • DXP is always on and actively monitored for best outcomes - we measure EVERYTHING!
  • Last but not least, you will receive great results. Guaranteed!

Outstanding results & peace of mind at a fraction of the cost

  • Low Cost
  • DXP Expertise
  • Best Practices
  • Fresh Campaigns
  • Superb Results
  • Peace of mind
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