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Once you launch the demo through the 'launch demo' button on this page, complete the following:

Simply login in as one of two personas, Elisa or Frank to experience how DeepTargetOLB engages and cross-sells to your account holders within Online Banking.


Password: deeptargetdemo


Password: deeptargetdemo

How DeepTarget Works


  • Elisa is married

  • Has two children, ages 12 and 18

  • Has a credit rating of 650

  • Her birthday is this week!


  • Frank is single

  • Has an auto loan that matures in six months

  • Has a credit rating of 720

The Demo

As you scroll through the different pages of the Spotlight online banking (OLB) for Frank and Elisa, you will see different campaigns displayed by DeepTarget.

Each of them have their own unique offers that will be presented to them as they navigate through the online banking pages. These messages and offers are targeted by DeepTarget using the financial institution’s customer intelligence for this purpose.

The demo illustrates DeepTarget at work by looking at just two personas, in this case Elisa and Frank.  They are two very different individuals so therefore they would be on the receiving end of very different campaigns and messages.  

Now, when you extend this concept to thousands of unique individuals, the only way to be smart about engaging them  with relevant messaging is to use technology to automate multiple campaigns so that each individual only views those campaigns that matter to them.

The DeepTarget Platform

DeepTarget’s Design Once, Engage Everywhere™ Digital Experience Platform automates and elevates customer experiences digitally to yield new loans, deposits &customer loyalty for credit unions and banks. This provides a single digital experience platform for financial institutions to manage the complete engagement-to-results lifecycle across all digital channels, resulting in:

Increased Revenue
Increase loans, grow deposits, issue cards by engagement with right time and needed service.

Increased Loyalty and Trust
Providing resources customers or members need, like or want, e.g. rewards, financial lit videos, critical community outreach, nudges to cool apps like BillPay, PFM, business banking, etc.

Decreased Cost
Eliminate siloed communications and redundant efforts with a single Command and Control center for targeted “Design Once, Engage Everywhere” campaign management and analytics.

Completely Personalized Banners

These banners are completely personalized to target your customers.

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