Put your website to work with DeepTarget. Connect and engage with your website visitors anywhere, anytime.

The Real Benefits Of DeepTarget Web

Real Time

Using our easy-to-use authoring and automation tools, you can make updates to the display ads on your website in real time! No more depending on the IT department or some other expert to make your updates.

Real Savings

A new campaign ad can be changed out and published in a matter of seconds. Want a new look or ad for your website visitors every week or even, every day? No problem, with DeepTarget Web.

Real Results

With our comprehensive analytics and insights you get much more (than, for example, page visits from Google Analytics). See all ad-specific impressions and clicks in real time and measure the true engagement of visitors to your website.

Really Free

When you have already deployed our Online Banking, Mobile Banking or Email Solution, our DeepTarget Web is included and available for your use — so, it’s free!

Is Your Website Effectively Communicating With Your Visitors?

Your website is like a canvas and we can make it effortless for you to display banner ads that promote your brand and your products to your website visitors. With DeepTarget Web, we have introduced a web channel that is fully integrated with our omni-channel platform providing intelligent banner ad delivery for any website – more importantly for the main website of your financial institution.

Using our powerful, enabling communications platform, you can design your banners using our authoring tools or simply select a banner from our extensive banner library. Use these banners to promote your brand or specific financial products and services that you want your customers to know about. Or how about, just to say thank you to them?

Connect And Engage Your Website Visitors!

Use your website to showcase new products or campaigns, use the banners to inform and educate, and of course to build and promote the brand of your financial institution. This can be yet another tool in your digital arsenal to engage your customers and visitors who you should work to turn into customers.

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Easy Web-Based Offer Management

DeepTarget Web includes an easy to use  web application – OmniEngagement Cloud – that allows the marketing department within a financial institution to easily create, customize and modify banners. Banners can be of different sizes based on need. One unique feature is the ability to select specific offer dates, thereby allowing seasonal or date driven offers to easily be scheduled.

Secure Banner Delivery

DeepTarget OLB utilizes SSL to ensure secure delivery of the banner ads.

Custom Banners

Using the rich library of images, pre-built banners, or custom images, a marketing department can easily use their choice of banners and make changes to the graphics, text, or format of the banner to customize it to their specific needs.

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