Ohio Valley Bank

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The Delivery

In campaigns were powered by industry-leading DeepTarget OLB and DeepTarget Mobile, Ohio Valley Bank was able to deliver personalized, targeted offers through online banking platforms and smartphone users.

The Review

"We have received great results when using DeepTarget auto loan campaigns in conjunction with our Auto Loan Center powered by everycarlisted.com (you can see it here: https://autos.ovbc.com/). Traffic to the Auto Loan Center at least triples (often more than triples) when we run DeepTarget ads with the Auto Loan Center as the target URL. The Auto Loan Center allows customers to shop online for their next vehicle and generates warm leads for our lending team, so traffic to it is vital to our marketing plans. Thank you for playing a big part in making this tactic a success and more importantly building into your service the reporting necessary to easily see and act on customer behaviors with the ads. Also, we are very happy with the feature allowing us to rotate the ads. Whoever came up with that deserves major props. Due to limitations with our current Internet banking provider, we can only display DeepTarget ads in limited areas. The rotation allows us to show a greater variety of information to our customers and keep them informed about our services. In my experience, DeepTarget representatives are always happy to help and go over and above to communicate regularly with their customers. Not all technology companies do that. I have to say it’s very nice to know that I’m always “in the loop” with DeepTarget. We are pleased that DeepTarget extends the extra benefit of the review meetings and monthly webinars to ensure that we are getting the most out of this very impressive service. We are always invigorated and full of ideas afterward. The suggestion for taking into consideration click counts when reviewing customers for follow-up, and helping us understand what it truly means to exclude metrics from a campaign were especially helpful. These were nuances that we missed and may seem like small things, but they will significantly both increase our conversion to actual sales and will help us pull more accurate reporting from the system. The review meeting is free and MORE THAN worth the time. Why not take advantage of having a dedicated expert in your corner? I would highly recommend it for all DeepTarget users." Bryna Butler, Vice President, Corporate Communications