Campaign Effectiveness and Analytics are Focus of New Product Release

September 26, 2017

Game-changing campaign analytics and management reporting dominate the new release of DeepTarget OLB and Mobile solutions.

Madison, AL, July 17, 2017 – DeepTarget announced their new product release this week which included significant new features and resources focused on digital marketing outcomes. Unlike traditional marketing tactics and media, in digital marketing, measurable metrics and analytics are both critical and obtainable. It is essential to have this data available to monitor, measure and optimize campaign results for success. To enable this effort, DeepTarget has introduced game-changing new business analytics features in the product release dated July 10, 2017.

The first of these features is a redesigned Analytics Dashboard with an emphasis on actionable information that adds new metrics for improving the overall management and review of DeepTarget campaign and targeting results. Two of the new scorecards now provided are Performance Metrics and Campaigns Needing Attention. They provide quick insights into the status, performance and overall effectiveness of your published campaigns enabling actions that can be taken to improve and optimize them.

Another major feature is the new management-ready performance report that provides a month over month view of your campaigns and their performance ratings as well as the key performance indicators for each of those months. Importantly, this report also include the actual sales transactions generated during the last month – showcasing the ultimate result of marketing effectiveness for a financial institution.

This testimonial from one of our customers demonstrates the importance of understanding and leveraging marketing outcomes -“We can’t be more pleased with DeepTarget – in just one month, we received over 500K views and 850 unique clicks that helped drive 213 sales transactions! This proves that our digital marketing strategy for online and mobile banking is a great success!” said Delynn Byars, SVP of Marketing, First South Financial Credit Union.

Also in this release, several new online banking and mobile banners were added to enrich the delivered banner library and enhance the user experience of our customers’ campaigns. Given the extensive range of sizes and resolutions supported for various online and mobile banking platforms, over 550 different banners in total were added to the library during this release. Other features of this release included enhancements to the rotating banner interface and adjustments to the campaign categories reports.

Demonstrations, Pricing, & Availability

DeepTarget OLB and Mobile solutions are available for demonstration and purchase by calling DeepTarget, emailing, or by calling one of our technology or service provider partners.

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