DeepTarget and Cathedral Corp. Work Together To Provide Critical Communications Outreach Capabilities for Financial Institutions Using eStatement

April 28, 2020

DeepTarget Inc., a solution provider that utilizes data mining and business intelligence in order to deliver targeted communications across digital channels for banks and credit unions, today announced that they are working with Cathedral Corporation to offer the Critical CommunityOutreach Quick Start Package at no cost to all Cathedral Corp.’s customers with eStatement. The quick start package is designed to empower banks and credit unions to deliver targeted communications across digital channels, enabling the financial institution to serve as a trusted information and support hub to their communities during these unsettling times.

Financial institutions must be able to rapidly facilitate important communications through digital banking channels to account holders. This package, available at no-cost to customers, consists of pre-designed and pre-packaged campaigns for Cathedral Corp’s eStatement in addition to other channels such as online banking, mobile banking and the web. It helps financial institutions mobilize quickly with beneficial, valuable and practical information that account holders will use and depend on. This is designed to build on a trusted relationship between financial institutions and their banking customers or members to provide valuable resources and information in this time of uncertainty.

“We are facing an unprecedented situation of fear and uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget. “Financial Institutions are critical resources and consumers are relying heavily on digital banking as stay in place orders proceed. Since financial institutions are a trusted service provider to their account holders, in such times they can and should serve asa hub of valuable information to their members/customers.”

“It is truly a privilege to be able to deliver this service, together with DeepTarget, to an industry that is integral during these challenging times,” said Marianne W. Gaige, Chairman and CEO of Cathedral Corporation. “At Cathedral, our main focus is helping our clients and finding new and innovative ways to do so; this solution hits that mark and further strengthens the relationship between our clients and the members/customers.”

DeepTarget andCathedral will participate in a joint Webinar, Critical Communications During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond, on May 7th at 11:00 - Noon CST. To register for the webinar, visit

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