Premiering personalized financial stories for FIs.

DeepTarget's 2020 Finovate West demo shared the transformative 3D technology that turns raw data into personalized stories as unique as each customer.

Demoing the Transformative Power of the Future at Finovate.

Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology through demos from thought-leaders across the world. DeepTarget was honored to demo at the 2020 Finovate West Digital Conference.

Our showcase introduced the unique and innovative AI-powered customer engagement experiences made possible with DeepTarget's Digital Experience Platform and 3D StoryTeller to the hundreds of attendees from financial institutions and fintechs.

Tell me more about Finovate.

Finovate’s demo-only format displays the work of fintech innovators, hand-picked for their inventive technologies.

Who attends Finovate?

Each year, Finovate’s six events gather 5,000+ attendees, 500+ experts, 300+ innovative fintechs, and 400+ financial institutions to showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology.

Where can I view the Finovate demos?

DeepTarget’s demo Finovate premier of the 3D StoryTeller technology is available along with thousands of addition fintech innovations in the Finovate video archives.

How Does it Work?

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have shown people how to capture and share great visual stories that entice, engage, and entertain their audience.  That’s why 2 billion people worldwide use these platforms.

DeepTarget's Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with 3D StoryTeller gives your bank or credit union the same power to deliver your message.

This patent pending technology delivers results:

  • Increased loans
  • Increased deposits
  • Increase engagements
  • Customer/member retention

Excited about the future of DeepTarget?

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