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What Our Customers Are Saying

“SPINfluence - I love it!  It looks cool and so modern!

We think this new feature will increase engagement by our digital users.”

- Heather Summers, Senior Vice President, Marketing, LBS Financial Credit Union

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate our partnership with DeepTarget.

We recently reviewed and implemented the new features, GrowthGrid and SPINfluence, and WOW, they were SO SIMPLE and easy to use.

I am blown away. You have outdone yourselves again. Thanks for being so awesome!”

- Cindy Loi, Business Development Manager, One Vision Credit Union

"Wow, SPINfluence is a massive upgrade to the old, bland style of banners!”

-Jim McCorkle, President and CEO, Common Trust Credit Union

“For the first time I have seen the revenue impact of the digital marketing campaigns I have been running.

The new GrowthGrid report shows us a breakdown by account type of where our campaign strategies have been successful and where we have opportunities to expand our marketing outreach”

- Emily Dykstra, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Best Financial Credit Union

"GrowthGrid is a great report that I can show the board, so they understand how effective our marketing is!”

-Jim McCorkle, President and CEO, Common Trust Credit Union

“The new GrowthGrid really shows us our sales results clearly across product lines and where we could add more promotions.

And with the total revenue results, we get to see how our digital marketing contributes to our overall financial goals.”

- Heather Summers, Senior Vice President, Marketing, LBS Financial Credit Union

Plug-In Innovations to Power Engagement and Revenue Growth From Your Current Digital Banking Platforms

SPINfluence™ - a new “spin” on banner ad technology with displays of personalized ads in a rotating carousel within digital banking apps.

A revolutionary display innovation in the world of digital banking, this offers a unique and engaging way to showcase products and services to customers, increasing the likelihood of conversion and boosting revenue for financial institutions.

Unlike traditional flat banner ads, SPINfluence™ uses an eye-catching  rotating carousel to display relevant products and services, creating a captivating and compelling experience, able to grab the attention of accountholders and keep them engaged.

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GrowthGrid™ - a rare and powerful look at how digital campaigns are directly contributing to the financial success of the institution.

This game-changing analytical report provides financial institutions with the insights they need to comprehensively measure the ultimate success of their digital, data-driven campaigns.

A powerful analytical tool that clearly showcases the influenced product sales and estimated new revenue generated over a specific period directly influenced by these digital campaigns. The color-coding and metrics give an instant view of what campaigns are active and successful, what need to be optimized, and what new ones are needed.

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