October 14, 2019

A Trust Building Exercise For Your Brand

Businesses of all types are facing a challenging atmosphere, but perhaps it is especially difficult for those in the financial services industry who may find it difficult for their products to stand out. What can be done? Find out with this trust building exercise in communication.

Seth Godin, our favorite guru on anything to do with marketing, recently released another compelling read titled The Race To The Bottom. In it, Godin details the devastating effects of improperly participating in the digital “race” for attention in the highly competitive world of modern marketing.

“The race for cheap, unearned attention is a race that can’t be won. As soon as someone gains the lead, someone else will lower their standards and take a shortcut to get even more. The players have already surrendered their self-esteem, so it’s simply an escalating hijack of trust.” Seth Godin

Sound familiar? A recent blog article of our own specified similar concerns stating,

“Email inboxes, social media feeds, streaming service commercials, in-app ads, and website banners have exponentially increased access points to the consumer. This plus increased competition has resulted in an exponential increase in ad campaigns including many that are lackluster, unoriginal or blah. Quite a few businesses have fallen to less-than-stellar tactics to attract their customers’ attention.”

This challenging atmosphere is a struggle for businesses of all types, but perhaps especially those in the financial services industry who may find it difficult for their products to stand out against “SUV Deals Nearby”, “Cheap Eyeglasses Online Now”,“Affordable Cigar Humidors”, and “Big Sales On Denim Skirts” (the four ads on my screen right now despite the fact that my recent search queries are specific to research for this blog).

So, what can be done? Seth Godin offered an alternative:

“To deliver anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who want to get them. The opportunity to create remarkable products and services for a focused audience, stuff so good that people want to talk about it.” Seth Godin

We agree. We agree so much that we have built an entire software platform that utilizes data mining and business intelligence to deliver targeted communications across digital media. Further, we focused on what financial institutions need most. Why? Because communication that is relevant builds trust. By actually using the rich account-holder information that you own to target your communications across all channels, you are building trust between the consumer and their bank or credit union.


On the other hand, if communications are irrelevant and unnecessary, you are communicating that you either do not know your customer, do not have a product or service that fits their actual needs, or simply do not care. These communications are a waste of their time (and yours) and add to our click-bait culture.


Together, we can do better. Our intelligent marketing and sales automation solutions help take the guess work out of communications by creating clear patterns and segments of your larger audience to make each message that you communicate be meaningful to the reader. And with relevant messaging comes high ROI. Targeted messages that engage and present relevant offers are, on average, almost twice as effective as non-targeted ads. That’s huge.

DeepTarget’s intelligent marketing and sales automation is in use by hundreds of credit unions and banks of varying sizes across the country - to deliver relevant product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to their banking customers through mobile banking, online banking, web, and email - all the while engaging them in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank.

If you are ready to experience the success that DeepTarget clients are experiencing every day, do contact us at success@deeptarget.com.

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