October 26, 2022

AI-Powered Rubik’s Cube meets Digital Banking

Imagine the rotating sides of a Rubik's Cube digitized and optimized through powerful AI insights so that each surface area is an ever-changing, AI-powered, six-sided advertising story within Online and Mobile banking, Email, Text, ATM, and more.

The 1974 invention of Ernő Rubik of Hungary, now called the Rubik's Cube, has fascinated people around the globe since the early 1980s. It is one of the best-selling toys of all time with over 350 million sold worldwide. Its continued appeal after 40+ years is due to the fact that every time a user touches the cube, they have a new experience. They can turn it, twist it, and flip it to solve the puzzle. It is this hyper-personalized interaction that creates such addictive engagement.

Now, imagine this stickiness with all rotating sides of the cube digitized and optimized through powerful AI insights. Instead of a puzzle, DeepTarget uses that surface area for ever-changing, AI-powered, six-sided advertising stories within Online and Mobile banking, Email, Text, ATM, and more. These uniquely targeted stories present meaningful loan and fee-based product offers and promotions at precisely the right time. It’s a whole new, transformational way of engaging banking customers!

And unique customer engagement is more critical than ever before. Financial institutions (FIs) face stiff competition.  Financial products and services are fairly standard across the spectrum. The differentiation for each FI comes about with user experience (UX) – what a member or customer experiences with an FI. This FI user experience is heavily weighted and occurring in the digital realm these days. Very large banks running $6-12-billion IT budgets are able to invest in sophisticated solutions for UX. Community FIs need a solution too – one that can resonate with their banking consumers.

Beyond competition is the challenge of ever-growing repositories of data. Between 2015 and 2025, the amount of data captured, created, and replicated globally will increase by 1,600%.  Using this data to derive important and meaningful insights that can power UX is imperative.  But given the massive volumes of available data, it is impossible for any human (or community FI) to effectively filter data in order to drive digital marketing/sales campaigns for profitability and growth without AI/ML. It is only through these technologies that FIs can accurately understand consumer lifestyles and effectively engage consumers on their financial journeys.

Every member/customer of an FI is going to be ripe for a product at some point in time. When that time comes, either they will get it from that FI… or they will get it from someone else.

DeepTarget’s patented Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with 3D Story combined with models and predictions from AI powerhouse CognitiveScale enables community FIs to analyze mounds of audience, channel, and marketing data in order to correctly recommend the right offer to the right person at the right time across all channels. This transformative innovation offers all the engagement, the intrigue, and the genius of the Rubik’s Cube for community FIs. More importantly, this innovation makes high-end AI horsepower accessible to thousands of community FIs harnessing the rich digital data at our fingertips to fuel unique 3D user experiences made simple through accessible technology.

DeepTarget believes deeply that every financial institution should understand and treat consumers personally - as unique individuals, rather than as a mass market. When this is put into operational practice to enable excellent user experiences for banking consumers, it is virtually guaranteed to yield positive results.

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