June 17, 2019

DIY Digital Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

Whether it is an inspiring new campaign series, or a home improvement project, summer a perfect time to tackle your to do list, with these key tips in mind, of course!

For most, summer is for lemonade and iced tea, burgers sizzling on a hot grill, and children rinsing off hands sticky from watermelon in warm water from a hose. But for some, summer weather means it’s the perfect time to tackle that long list of home improvement projects. While these Weekend Warriors are admirable, there a few things to keep in mind to keep home renovators off the DIY Fail lists sprinkled across the Internet (like this one for example).

In our post-FixerUpper world, it can appear that home improvements can easily be accomplished with a great Pinterest board and some elbow grease. In reality, there are a few key tips to keep in mind before rolling up your sleeves and grabbing the power tools:

1. Proper Planning: These projects can be quite an undertaking so preparation is key, including budgets, measurements, materials, equipment, and safety measures.

2. Expert Advice: Even DIY projects can’t suffer from a little input from the pros that are deeply familiar with processes necessary for success.While a homeowner may be most concerned with the final design of a space, a professional is much more concerned in the structure and safety of what lies beneath the surface.

3. Expect the Unexpected: Unexpected issues can and will pop up throughout a project. These need to be handled properly as “quick fixes” can be risky, and cause more issues in the long run.


So what’s the point?Home improvement projects, like most projects, have a lot more depth to them that you might think at first glance. A little planning and a support team of professionals on hand can help ensure project success.


Maybe not surprisingly, these rules of thumb apply to any initiative with lots of influencing factors. For example, these same three guidelines can help ensure that banks and credit unions can create unique and meaningful communications to their customers. Let’s reexamine our three keys to success with this new example:

1. Proper Planning: Successful ad campaigns are powered by preparation that includes a healthy budget, examining customer data, key metrics from past campaigns, and deployment on the communication channels that will be most influential to the target customer (this means digital, of course!)

2. Expert Advice: Your ad campaign can be as unique as your customer, but it will get the highest ROI if it is created using customer intelligence and industry best practices. Get a professional opinion on the data driven strategies behind highly effective marketing practices that will deliver tangible bottom-line results.

3. Expect the Unexpected: With banks and credit unions everywhere challenged by time and resource constraints, technology that isn’t highly automated, intuitive and extremely user friendly can cause far more headaches that it solves. Marketing strategies that incorporate thoughtful, well-planned campaigns delivered with reliable software that is so automated it takes most of the work out of your hands are simply-put, the most successful.


DIY digital marketers who take these three lessons into consideration are much more likely to achieve the results they want. Or, you can let DeepTarget make it easy. Our vision for this intelligent digital marketing and sales platform was to create an in-depth technology stack that can do most of the work for you.  So, at the foundation level, we designed it to make virtually totally automated.  


Thus, DeepTarget is a simpler, faster way to accomplish more with less. Our expert-backed technology puts usability at the forefront, meaning less time to for training, deployment and ramp up, and more time generating the campaigns (and revenue) you love.  It’s what can transform a marketing cost center into a revenue center – where business analytics can show you exactly what revenue your campaigns are generating.


So whether it is an inspiring new campaign series, or a bathroom renovation, best of luck to any summer projects on your list!

DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing and sales solution is in use by hundreds of credit unions and banks of varying sizes across the country. In addition to being intelligent, it is both affordable and easy to implement and use with ~95% automation.  What’s the use of investing in a costly or cumbersome data analytics solution when you have to worry about limited resources? DeepTarget clients have automated the use of customer intelligence withDeepTarget to deliver relevant product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to their banking customers through mobile banking, online banking, web, and email - all the while engaging them in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank. Check out these customer success stories to see the high ROI and returns that they are receiving. If you are ready to experience all that DeepTarget has to offer, contact us at success@deeptarget.com.

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