October 28, 2020

Holiday Campaigns Made Simple with DXP

With sweater weather in full swing, our superstar digital marketers are kicking their targeted holiday campaigns into high gear. With the ever-rising number of digital touch points to consider, the need for consistency combined with relevance across all digital platforms can create challenges for the modern marketer. Financial institutions need to put the customer experience first as they try to reach varying audiences across varying digital channels. The right Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can meet this need by delivering relevant, consistent communications across all digital channels to customers and members, which is especially helpful during the holiday season.

Customers of today expect optimal digital experiences that are unified across every touchpoint like those delivered by Netflix and Amazon. But what about financial institutions? The fact is that if community banks and credit unions are not focused on engaging their banking consumers in a similar manner, there are several upstarts and newer Fintechs like Rocket Mortgage, PayPal andVenmo who are.  That’s an incredible loss of precious wallet share.

Digital marketing superstars are investing in a DXP which can deliver AI-powered financial stories.  These stories apply to all digital channels and are smart, individualized, and relevant. These stories are ready to engage the banking consumer without seeming invasive or annoying. This balance is achieved by the AI's awareness of how the consumer is engaging so that future stories get even smarter.  And, even more impressive, DXP is scalable meaning that thousands of communications are being delivered at any given moment.  

It comes down to this: Either a financial institution has no idea about their consumers or they do. Those that have taken the time to really “know” individual account holders is evidenced by how they communicate to them across every digital touchpoint. FIs that are ready for this level of relevant communication will invest in a DXP experience, letting an integrated software solution enhance the customer experience with a click.

Just a simple look around demonstrates that expectations of digital customers are high. And these expectations will continue to evolve as the digital landscape changes.  DXP orchestrates data-powered campaigns that you can Design Once, Engage Everywhere(TM) to ensure that the right campaigns and stories reach the right customers at the right time… every time.  Retain and cross-sell to banking consumers by showing that you know them and care about them as individuals. Provide a deep, authentic and personal touch with tech that automates and powers your communications. Yes, it’s sophisticated technology, but it’s also easy and affordable by design.  Even the smallest FI can acquire and implement it for that rich and relevant human-touch customer experience provides huge returns.

This holiday season, consider DeepTarget DXP for intelligent marketing and sales automation that make your holiday marketing a breeze. During this holiday season and beyond, our one-stop solution will deliver rich holiday content and the technology that creates unique and meaningful experiences for individual banking consumers. Grow deposits, increase loans, gain loyalty, and boost revenue with ease.

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