March 14, 2019

Luck or Logic 4 Key Strategies for a Successful Digital Ad Campaign

Marketing budgets examined by Entrepreneur show that digital marketing budgets, and especially mobile marketing budgets, continue to become an increasingly more significant part of advertising spend across industries.

Marketing budgets examined by Entrepreneur show that digital marketing budgets, and especially mobile marketing budgets, continue to become an increasingly more significant part of advertising spend across industries. And this investment trend is showing no signs of decline. With so many daily activities now completed via mobile devices – checking the weather, connecting with friends, ordering groceries, sharing articles, transferring funds – digital marketing trends have raced to find their place on the devices where the average U.S. adults spends 3 hours, 35 minutes per day. With the stakes so high, the digital marketing experts at DeepTarget share four quick tips to help create digital ad campaigns that will gain your bank or credit union great results.


The time for mass marketing or clumsy content is long gone. With the competitive digital landscape of today, banks and credit unions need to have a specific and measurable goal in mind for each campaign. These measurable objectives such as $ sales, % new conversions, # leads, etc. set the stage for a thoughtful and effective campaign strategy.


Identify the target audience(s) that will achieve your objective. Who is in need of your promoted product or service and why? For example:

Auto Loan Services: Target Millennials with young families and stepping up to higher-paying jobs

Mobile App Conversion: Target Net Gen (or Generation Z  – born in 1995 or later) moving away for college or career opportunities

Mortgage Services: Target Baby Boomers ready for their dream home or vacation home

Thinking through this process helps determine your campaign messaging. This is an important step considering the latest statistic shared by Adlucentwhich states that 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads that resonate with them.  When you target and personalize your messages and offers, you are actually providing a useful service to your members or customers, and increasing their loyalty to your financial institution.


Your ad can only resonate with a consumer when it reaches them. Therefore, careful thought needs to be put into deciding where this message needs to be shared in order to reach your target. Decisions like these are made much easier by the access and analytics provided by digital marketing. More people than ever before are going mobile, even generations previously viewed as technology-adverse are coming around to the digital era. A Newscycle article titled “Yes, seniors use smartphones too” shares that 42% of older Americans own smartphones, with three-quarters saying they go online daily. This makes digital marketing an effective and affordable option for reaching audiences with the customization they prefer. With an intelligent data-driven digital marketing and sales platform such as DeepTarget, banks and credit unions can utilize customer/member data with smart software that delivers highly targeted communications across all digital channels. The best part is that most of the heavy lifting is accomplished by the software with its built-in automation and intelligence.


Know your goal, know your audience, and design accordingly. A previous blog post takes a deep dive into the anatomy of a good ad – one that helps your financial institution market and communicate effectively to capture your customers’ interest and prompt them to act. Additionally, advises that banner ads should be “sharp, clean and compelling to encourage mobile users to click. The design must have subtle eye-catching yet not too distracting content. Highlight key features or offerings with a clear, concise call to action. Avoid bright colors, too much text or mediocre graphics.”

DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing and sales solution is in use by hundreds of credit unions and banks across the country. They have automated the use of customer information with DeepTarget to deliver relevant product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to their banking customers through mobile banking, online banking, web, and email – all the while engaging them in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank.

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