February 17, 2020

Trading Silos For Solutions

What better time than the beginning of a new decade to take a strategic look at the tools that will enable your Financial Institution’s long-term growth into the 2020s and beyond?

What better time than the beginning of a new decade to take a strategic look at the tools that will enable your Financial Institution’s long-term growth into the 2020s and beyond?

The rapid growth of technology in the 2000s forever changed the customer/member communication landscape for banks and credit unions. With these technological transformations emerged new silos of specialized knowledge. However, now more than ever before, these technologies are bleeding over into marketing as consumers place greater importance on receiving relevant, personal communication across channels. Marketing teams cannot work meaningfully in their own spaces without collaborating with Sales and IT.

Gone are the days where marketing departments have no part to play in their bank or credit union’s choice for supporting technologies. The CMO and marketing team have a valuable role to play in an organization’s technology selections, as they will then turn these technologies to new and existing customer outreach to provide very real returns to your financial institution.

The shared responsibility of IT, Sales, and Marketing teams to own the digital process means a more critical look at the technologies that increase customer loyalty through automation - with targeted and relevant campaigns, personalized messaging, and a comprehensive digital experience, no matter where and how consumers choose to bank.

The desire to improve customer engagement and loyalty and cross-sell products and services has enabled digital tools that blend these formerly separate departments. How do you choose a technology platform that will grow with you, enhancing your capabilities over the new decade instead of confining them?

Find flexible and open technology platforms that adapt quickly. We are in an age of rapid technological evolution and banks and credit unions need systems that can easily and quickly react to changing market needs. Software that expands capabilities while easily integrating with your existing, authenticated apps and keeping user information private are flexible enough to grow with your organization throughout the 2020s.

"DeepTarget is one of the products I can make quick decisions about and see the results. It’s really exciting!" Debra Chaffins, Virtual Services Manager, Testimonial

Find technologies that prize usability and expand expertise. With banks and credit unions everywhere challenged by time and resource constraints, technology that isn’t intuitive and highly user friendly can cause far more headaches that it solves. New technologies will not enhance results if no one is able to use it. Find technology integrations with usability at the forefront, and experts “on-call” to help configure, train, and support staff during software adoption and years of productivity that follow.

"I highly recommend the monthly SuccessReviews. They are free of charge and very beneficial." Christine Sparks, Marketing Manager, Testimonial

Find technologies that work for your team. You may choose in-house, in-sourced, or outsourced solutions (or any combination of the three). As long as the solutions work for your team’s unique needs and capabilities, you should be able to easily expand the tools in your marketing mix and position your organization to thrive long-term. If the lift to getting started and keeping it going is heavy, if it requires overhauling your existing systems or retooling your existing resources, then the joint decision by marketing and IT to say “No” to that technology is the right one.

"We have been able to easily implement our own creative graphics  messaging into DeepTarget’s campaign engine and the analytics show our results have been outstanding!" Ashley Baldeon, Testimonial
"Our member engagement has been outstanding and we've witnessed over 600% ROI in just the first three months.” Amanda Middleton, Assistant Vice President of Operations, Testimonial

For hundreds of banks and credit unions across the United States, DeepTarget is proving to be an excellent investment for 2020 and beyond. As of December 2019, the DeepTarget platform was serving up 241 million impressions to 1.86 million bankers/members monthly resulting in over 13,600 new deposits, loans, and cards opened during the month. And these numbers continue to grow. DeepTarget is committed to high impact customer engagement and cross-selling using data-driven intelligence in all your communications while enhancing your team’s expertise and giving you the performance analytics you need in order to maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.  We make it simple so you can do what you do best.

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