June 17, 2013

You talkin’ to me? Because you really should be…

A few days before Father’s Day I received an email newsletter from an aquarium at which my family and I just recently purchased an annual membership.

A few days before Father’s Day I received an email newsletter from an aquarium at which my family and I just recently purchased an annual membership. The email was visually interesting and shared a variety of events going on in the near future at the aquarium. The problem? If I didn’t work in email marketing I may not have continued past the first article. That lead story invited me to “Treat Dad” to the aquarium for Father’s Day and then give him the gift of an annual membership (or a renewed membership).

But wait, I am the Dad! Remember? Or, were you not talking to me, in which case, why am I reading this?  Not to mention,  I already have an annual membership – you know, the one I purchased in person less than 3 months ago? You asked for every member of my family that would be on the membership, their relationship to me, and you got my email address. In other words, the aquarium has all the data they need to make the email more relevant and personalized to me, but they didn’t bother. Maybe they didn’t want to run multiple campaigns (such as one for members, one for non-members), don’t have the staff to figure that out, or perhaps they simply don’t have the right email tools.

With ever increasing competition to keep your subscribers’ attention, email needs to be as personal, targeted, and relevant as possible. But who has the time to send multiple campaigns for essentially the same email?

It made me wonder, what if this aquarium used DeepTarget Email?  With DeepTarget Email’s Targeted Messages they could send a single email campaign AND target pieces inside that email to different segments of the same list.

Using my aquarium example above let’s take a look at how Targeted Messages could have made this email  better.

Original Email

  1. Good headline – I was interested at first. I just bought my membership in March, but I might not have thought to do this. For a moment I was thinking about it.
  2. And the title of this section drew me in further – “a year of fun” sounds good to me. What could it be?
  3. Unfortunately that “year of fun” simply has to do with the Family membership, with a link to “Buy or Renew” your membership. But I already have one which I bought recently.  And even though the email is to me – a Dad – it’s talking to me in 3rd person. This would be more appropriate if it went to my wife or kids.

Using Targeted Messages

With DeepTarget’s Targeted Messages, you can create multiple blocks of text that could fill the same space in the email but each of which has its own rule so that only the most appropriate message is inserted. Continuing with our example above, I could create a Message Rule to be the default text that uses the original message, AND I could also create a Message Rule that appeals to fathers that are already members. Member fathers would get a personalized message to them in the newsletter; everyone else would get the same newsletter but with the default message. Here is how it works:

First, create your Targeted Message. A Targeted Message is made up of at least 2 Message Rules – a block of text with a set of conditions that determines who will see that text. In this example, I have 2 Message Rules: a default that uses the original text, and a “Member Dads” message that will only show to dads that are current members. When creating a Message Rule, you can use any criteria from the data in your Contacts Database.

Second, insert the Targeted message into your email.  In place of the text you will see the Targeted Message merge tag.

Finally, by clicking the Preview button, you can see how the Targeted Message will appear for every recipient! On the Top, John is a member and has children, so he will see the Member Dads message.  Below that you can see that since Bob is not currently a member, he will see the default message.

Targeted Messages are a powerful tool that can help you get more out of your email marketing efforts.  How will you use Targeted Messages?  Let us know!

And in case you were wondering, I did not make it to the aquarium on Father’s Day

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