Critical Community Outreach

A Quick Start Package that enables pervasive communications across digital channels during this time of need.

DeepTarget is here for you.

Financial Institutions are emerging as one of a trio of critical resources (along with food and healthcare) with an increased need during the public health crisis. DeepTarget is here to help you become an essential information hub for your community.

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A Quick Start Package for you and your customers

As our customers, employees, families, nation, and world dynamically respond to the unprecedented events associated with the coronavirus pandemic, it is the responsibility of each of us is to accept the challenge of the moment to creatively use our energy, resources, and brainpower to offer enablers, helping assistance, and meaningful contribution to the needed support system.

DeepTarget is in a unique position to enable pervasive communications across digital banking during this immediate time of need. We are now offering the Critical Community Outreach Quick Start Package for FREE to enable banks and credit unions to comprehensively share highly beneficial and practical information across digital channels to their account holders.

The Critical Community Bank Marketing and Outreach Quick Start Package will enable you to rapidly communicate using pre-designed campaigns (pre-designed banners in multiple sizes with customizable messaging) for highly relevant and useful campaigns for your users. The driving force for this package is to allow financial institutions to serve as an information and support hub for its members or banking consumers.  This is not about cross-selling or product promotions, but about using a trusted relationship to provide useful information to people in this time of uncertainty.

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What's Included

Pre-packaged communication campaigns that utilize DeepTarget tech to deploy to all members/banking consumers through all active channels.

  • Coronavirus awareness information (CDC/Global health advisories)

  • Branch closures and modified hours

  • Services that are being transitioned from branch to electronic and how to access

  • Coronavirus testing sites in local community

  • Community closings and regulations

  • Information on community school food distribution programs

  • Information on actions required for government issued financial aid

  • Scam awareness and security updates

  • How to get access to community help and services

  • Digital banking services promotion; no need to come to the branch

  • Online Bill Pay promo

  • Crisis time quick loan promos

  • Reduce expenses (lower interest rates)

Available at no cost to all DeepTarget customers effective immediately.
“We are excited to hear about this offering. As our members respond to the unprecedented events associated with the coronavirus pandemic, we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost.  With the support of this solution we can efficiently and effectively reach our members to provide guidance and serve as a trusted resource in this time of need.”

- Jessica Gwizdala, Director of Marketing and Training, United Financial Credit Union

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