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The Right Technology For Targeted Marketing

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Chapter 1: Digital Marketing Defined

Learn the key elements and flow of digital marketing (also known as data-driven marketing). This first volume of our handbook focuses on how you can use your customer or member data effectively to implement campaign targeting strategies that generate positive ROI.

Chapter 2: Using Your Data

You own a wealth of information about each of your account-holders. Whether their banking is online or mobile do you have an overall campaign strategy and a seamless communication plan to reach all of them – collectively and individually? Learn why bank digital marketing is the only practical, measurable, and cost-effective way to accomplish this.

Chapter 3: Generational Marketing

Industry expertise and experience has shown that even a simple targeting methodology such as generational targeting will yield higher responses compared to broad, undifferentiated mass marketing. So, a first step would be to start here. Once you implement generational targeting, you can continue to improve on it.

Chapter 4: Relevance in Communication

Communication that is relevant builds trust. What is necessary in this day and age is the ability to capture insights and needs of each and every individual account holder and use digital marketing to be having hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of concurrent conversations with your account holders.

Chapter 5: Automation & Business Intelligence

Across all industries the adoption of marketing automation is growing at a rapid pace as realization of positive ROI spreads. On average, 51% of companies are using some form of marketing automation although levels of sophistication vary.. To do this effectively and efficiently it is therefore important to automate the process, and you must use business intelligence to get it right.

Chapter 6: Successful Campaign Strategies

An overall campaign strategy must consider what our experts have identified as the six critical components of a campaign, each playing a key role in the overall success of each campaign, and therefore in the success of the overall strategy. Learn more about these and see examples of campaigns that work.

Chapter 7: ROI and Results

None of these investments matter if you do not have access to results for all your campaigns – metrics about impressions, clicks, leads, and finally sales transactions. The good news is that not only is all of this possible, it is being done effectively and efficiently today. DeepTarget’s expertise and experience has shown that even the most simple targeting methodology yields highly effective and positive returns. This is a great place to get started before progressively enhancing your targeting – in order to get results that matter.

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