Increase and accelerate responses from your email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing is Good, But it Can Be Great.

Email marketing is the most commonly employed digital marketing tool, no matter what type or size the organization. But if you are not personalizing or targeting your email marketing campaigns, chances are that your financial institution is not receiving its highest return on this marketing channel.

DeepTarget's integrated email marketing services help banks, credit unions, and community banks with their digital marketing campaigns. Request a demo today!

Design once. Engage everywhere.

With DeepTarget email integration, you can add personalized, targeted banners delivered through your email marketing campaigns and through all your other digital channels such as online and mobile banking. Enhancing email campaigns with targeted banners means impressions and more positive results for financial institutions – all at the click of a button!

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Sample email campaign with embedded personalized and targeted banner using DeepTarget

Reap the Returns of a Powerful Communications Platform

Make your email marketing campaigns perform by embedding personalized, targeted banners. With our enabling communications platform, it is effortless to design your banners using our authoring tools or simply select banners from our extensive banner library. Use these banners to promote specific and relevant financial products and services to your customers through multiple digital channels – including email.


Effortlessly insert DeepTarget banners anywhere in your email

Design your banners using our easy to use authoring tools or simply select banners from our extensive banner library

Insert multiple, targeted and personalized banners to increase customer engagement

Personalize using any and all the attributes available

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